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Works known colloquially as ‘kolan’ are weavings produced with woollen or woollen/clipping composition in the form of thin, long and flat stripes (flat bands) with a width of 3-7 cm.

With varieties woven in a flat form or ornamented with tufts and bobbles, kolan works are woven in different sizes depending on their functions. With striking ornamentations, kolan works are woven with strong yarns either for the purpose of binding and carrying such loads as babies, brushes or wood or for the purpose of decorating, strengthening or binding thin and thick weavings of various types.

Research studies conducted in certain regions indicate that kolan works have an extended area of use extending from various binding materials for children, tent binds and women’s and men’s attire to harnesses, as well as such woven works as saddlebags and sacks.






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