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Weaver Work (Çulha)

Produced in Şanlıurfa located in the South-Eastern Anatolia Region, weaver work is performed generally in the bezayaği technique (and rarely in the dimi – twill-constructed technique) with cotton yarns and artificial silken yarns (locally known as floş) on looms known as çulhalik.

While cotton yarn is commonly used in the  and  of these works, artificial silken yarn is the yarn of choice for the embroidery applied on the weaving. 

Locally, four types of weaver work are produced.

Abahk weaving is the name given locally to the thick and woollen fabric normally known as aba. These are woven for local men to wear over coat-type clothes. 

Yaşmak weaving is the head cover used by men and women, woven in cotton or silken yarns with the bezayaği or dimi technique. The most important feature of the patterned ones is the application of patterns with silken yarn on the base after the weaving process. 

Vala weaving is the name of the silken headscarf used by women. Red vala works have been used for centuries as bridal veils.

Local cloth weaving is a type of textile-oriented fabric woven generally in white wool, cotton and silken yarns where the same pattern is repeated along the whole length of the warps. There are different varieties based on the type of silk, the knitting technique used in the weaving and the rigidity and softness of the work (nettle cloth, canvas, cheesecloth and calico). 

Furthermore, the local artisans also weave various shawls, belts, carpets, hall rugs known as 'çul' and men’s headscarves known as 'margizet'.

Today, this type of weaving is mostly produced as ‘yaşmak weaving’ at a size of 125x125 cm, since its use is still maintained today in the traditional sense.

Other types of weaving are custom produced.  




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Fotoğraflar: Esra Kavcı

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