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Siirt Blanket

Siirt Blanket is formed like a limp after being skewed and is prepared to be woven on the bobbin case when it entwines the wood which is in the shape of bobbin.

In the process of weaving, roller yarns are pinned up through the bobbin and passed through the warps prepared on the pitch after that, they are begun to be woven as skeins with a wood called “Deffe”.

When weaving, bobbin case constantly ends off, and the master who weaves it, fills the bobbin case with bobbin again and re-weaves the angora which is bent over the warps.

The woven blanket is washed and dried with an iron comb through gigging.

Generally, it is woven through various colors such as white, brown, buff, black, olive and lots of designs and motives.

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